• some new things in the shop

    I've been feeling creative and inspired lately and added some new items and prints to the shop
    thought I would take the time to share here with my readers.

    Hope I've inspired you... any little bit makes me happy!
  • Cookies at the Dark Side

    I have to admit, I am a Star Wars nerd.  Now that I admitted it, I have something else to admit... I'm proud of this fact!

    I was a late bloomer to the Star Wars phenomenon.  I remember going to theater to see Return of the Jedi when I was around 6 and honestly, I remember the experience more than the movie.  I was with all my cousins, which was rare because we all lived in different parts of California and Grammy was taking us.  She actually sat in the theater with the bunch of us between ages 6-8.  I know she was bored because this is in no way her kind of movie, but she was with her grandkids so she was content.  Back to my point, I was 6 and it was a movie about boy stuff.  Needless to say, I was not a fan yet.  It wasn't until the re-release of them in the theaters in the 90's that I became the crazy true fan I am today.  I was a young adult and now able to watch and understand the amazingness of Star Wars. 

    The other day I had a customer request our wonderland print (one of my favorite prints in the shop) and with the convo she asked if I could make this print.
    created for tucker reece by Jenna Graviss 2012

    It seemed she saw something like it on pinterest and could not find it for sell.  I have been wanting to add Star Wars 'ism Prints to my shop for some time now but haven't gotten around to doing it.  When she had the request, it was my chance to be creative.  More to come now that the flood gates are open!!!
  • back to school time


    I love back to school time, even thought I have no kids and am not in school heehee.  However, I love when the stores are full of all the wonderful supplies that bring me back to my childhood.  I can't help myself, I am compelled to stock up on all the wonderful classic items I got back when I was a little girl.  I spent so much time organizing my desk and usually at story time, which I always got in trouble for.  So, to celebrate the wonderful thing of school and the joy (for me) of summer being almost over and fall on our doorsteps I have put together a fun school supply list for you to browse.  Enjoy!

    reginas studio
    him and her designs

    estate hound


    Fresh Urban Vintage
    I also want to send a shout our to my my nephew T.J. who starts his first day of high school at my old stomping grounds.  He will carry on the Mustang tradition, black and silver rocks!
  • Happy Monday, hope you week is full of whimsical enchantement.

    Rita Hayworth and Fred Astaire

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    Happy Birthday Giveaway
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  • Giveaway alteration...

    I decided to change a part in my giveaway that ends this friday.  
    Instead of automatically getting this print
    (which is still an option)

    I'm now going to let the winner choose from any of my prints...
    They will receive a 5x7 in a tucker reece print of their choice.

    Here are some examples,

    Don't forget to enter if you haven't yet...

  • Happy Birthday Giveaway! Better late than never...

    >>>update & winner<<<

    thanks to everyone who entered!
    all your comments were fantastic to read and... 
    more giveaways will be coming in result to all the wonderful comments!  

    the winner was Digital Misfits - please contact me to claim your prize :D

    My intention was to get this posted on my birthday which was last thursday.  However, my birthday plans were changed last minute due to unforeseen circumstances and I ended up losing a whole day of work, the day I had set aside to create this post.  My special day was planned a month in advance to visit my old stomping grounds in Los Angeles but that plan fell through with short notice and a trip to Disneyland was created in replacement with an additional two days added to the original plan.  I had to act quickly making sure to get the time sensitive orders completed first.  Needless to say, the giveaway took a back seat to my customers.  So because of the change in plans, while at Disneyland I decided I wanted to give one of you part of the present.

    I ended up having a fantastic birthday, wish I was born in the winter because the park was hot and crowded but Nickolas and I planned well so we had a flawless experience... we go so often, we have learned how to navigate the park perfectly.

    Now on to the...
    Happy Birthday to me Giveaway!
    how does this look?

    Here is the breakdown of what 
    one lucky reader will get;
    tucker reeces New Bronze Skeleton Key Necklace
    Today and the Rest of My Life 5x7 print
    Colorful Tags, set of 6 tags
    ***Bonus Gift***
    Mickey Circle Stickey Notepad (100 sheet)
    Disney Colorful Character pencil

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    Don't forget to let me know, share the link and the places you shared the giveaway.

    Entries will be accepted through Thursday July 14th
    Winner will be picked and announced sometime on July 15th, on this post.  Be sure to bookmark it!  
    I will also announce it on tucker reece facebook page so be sure to 'like' us if you haven't yet.

  • Let Freedom Ring

    Happy Independence Day!

    Hope you have fabulous plans for this americana holiday...
     I wanted to share with you these images of Disneyland Main Street
    which I took while on my yearly birthday visit just 4 days ago.
    I love the old buildings with the red white and blue flag decor.
    I threw in a picture from the past with Walt Disney to...

    I love how they still use the same celebration decoration!

    All color photos by Jenna Graviss
    Black and White Photo of Walt Disney from Red, Walt, and blue

    Giveaway coming...
    Stay tuned!
  • New Blog Look

    I have been working on this blog all day!  Was worth it...  how does it look, do you like?

    I have to admit, I am not great when it comes to posting.  I tend to focus on new products and customer orders and simply don't have time to find things to share that inspire me.  I usually feel that since I have nothing to say, maybe I it's best that I share nothing at all because there is nothing worse than an uninspired post, right?

    Here's my idea...  I thought I could start sharing my projects, you know all those fantastic custom orders I work on.  I take a picture of every piece so why not share it with those that might be interested.  So as I finish up some orders, in the meantime here a clip from what I was watching this evening, Summer Magic. Don't you just love Burl Ives?!!!